On January 27, 2015, Bell published an official notice in the Reflet du Lac and the Brome County News/Sherbrooke Record, stating that they are planning to install a tower in Potton. This is the same one that they tried and failed to install in East Bolton.

F1145 – Chemin Sugar Loaf Pond
74 meters wireless self-supporting tower (with 13 antennas to start)
(380 meters West of Sugar Loaf Pond Rd. and 1.3 km South of chemin Mountain)
Latitude: 45’ 09 ’01,41 North
Longitude. -72’ 19’ 23,58 West

We need to mobilize immediately because Industry Canada only allows 30 days for us to question the need for these towers!   We only have until Feb 27nd. 
This tower will destroy the landscape near the Abbey St-Benoit du Lac, and radiate microwaves on residents in three municipalities (East Bolton, Potton and Austin).

Demand a stop to the installation of more towers in Potton stating that they are unnecessary and unwanted.  There are already 3 towers in this small municipality !!! 

To do so:

1. Write to Bell Mobility now
Letter must be received before Feb. 27.

Bell Mobility Inc.
c/o Robert Minotti
200 boul. Bouchard 5CS
Dorval, QC
H9S 5X5

Email: CPCBell-F1145@romin.ca
Fax: 514-420-8302

Sample letter, everyone’s coordinates and additional sample questions – all in one PDF file is here.

Sample letter, everyone’s coordinates and additional sample questions – all in one Microsoft Word document is here.

Anyone can write, not only residents of the area. So please encourage others to do so as well. The more letters we send, the more Industry Canada will take us seriously. It’s OK to mention your concerns about the dangers to your health. But more importantly, tell them that we don’t need them and we don’t want them!

2. Sign the “Stop the Potton Tower” Petition
Anyone can sign. There is no age limit.  So encourage everyone in your family to sign. Even the kids. What is happening will affect them most.

Click here to sign online.

Remember, we only have until February 27.

Let’s make sure that decisions are not made based on economic desires of private interests such as Bell but rather on a public planning process that evaluates the actual communications needs and how they can best be met.

These decisions should benefit us and not just Bell!