It Doesn’t Have to be This Way

“We could do otherwise. Each wireless need had a wired solution in counterpart that has none of the health effects that wireless RFR does, with the exception of cell phone use for talking directly to someone. It is time to re-think the wireless tsunami and educate people about health, privacy and security risks. It is past time to develop new safety standards. It is necessary now to look to less harmful ways to communicate, move ourselves from place to place, shop, sleep, recreate, save energy, and educate our children in school. It is time to rethink our global commerce, energy, banking, transportation and communications infrastructures so we are all committed to sustaining healthy living spaces and conserve safe sanctuary for all species on earth.”

– BioInitiative Report 2012

We really don’t need any more cell towers polluting our beautiful landscapes, destroying our night skies, causing health problems and dropping our real-estate values. If Bell is pressed, they will find alternatives. Companies will always find alternatives. If not Bell, then its competitors.

This Is What We Currently Have:

Cell Phone Access
There is already cell phone service everywhere in East Bolton and almost everywhere in Potton.  Those who do not have cell coverage in East Bolton, and in many parts of Potton, need to upgrade their cell phones to the latest version – which IS capable of communicating with existing towers – or look into changing the service provider.

We can get cell phone coverage by using satellites, from companies such as :

  • Iridium
  • Globalstar
  • Inreach
  • Spot Connect ($99 add-on to your cellphone) 

High Speed Internet

  • BY SATELLITE (available to everyone)
    • Xplorenet (approx. price $40 to $100)
    • Galaxy Broadband – commercial high-speed internet by satellite (approx. price $200 to $500)
    • Xittel
    • Vivowave ($40 to $60)
    • Iteract
    • Bell : 3G/4G cellular network, either with a small USB stick that fits into your laptop/computer or with a larger box, called a hub, which  is a WIFI device for your home so you can connect up to 16 computers using wifi
    • Rogers : 3G/4G cellular network
    • Telus : 3G/4G cellular network
    • Axion : fiber-optic cable*  ($25 to $40 for 25MBps)
    • Videotron : cable

*Please keep in mind that fiber-optic cable is much faster than any other solution, and by far the safest. Rain, snow, trees or elevation will not affect the connection. 

Get Bell to invest in safe fibreoptic cable instead of dangerous microwave towers

The Municipality of East Bolton was quoted $2,000,000 to provide high speed internet in all of the municipality.

Bell Mobility stated that the reason they want to erect the tower on cheminMountain is to increase the bandwidth for high speed internet.  Bell also stated that they were putting up these towers to pay off a debt to the CRTC and that the cost of the two East Bolton towers would amount to $2,000,000.

Would it not be better for the municipality if Bell paid its fine to the CRTC?




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