What is Being Done?

Put simply: nothing.                             

Are the telecommunications companies concerned about our health, the environment, and our property values?

No, too often their primary concern is revenues and profits.

Is the government of Canada doing enough to protect our health?

No. The norms that Health Canada are currently relying on are old and were developed prior to the huge rollout of cell phones and microwave antennas.  They do not take into account the current state of research.  Safety Code 6 must be at least 100 times more stringent.

Is the government doing enough to protect the environment and our natural heritage?

No. When their guidelines were created, they could not have imagined the sheer numbers of towers and microwave antennas that would blanket the Canadian landscape.  They have not yet realized the impact of this massive rollout of microwave towers on the environment.

Industry Canada needs to be receptive to the concerns of citizens and local authorities in making its final decisions.

Who is looking for alternatives that have less risk for our health and less impact on the environment?

Challenges in the Fight

 Opposing the quick roll-out of these towers not only challenges one of the richest industries in the world, but it also challenges each and every one of us to make decisions based on health rather than convenience and trends.  This will inevitably be met with resistance to the science.

Industry supporters stress that the evidence is not conclusive that EMF and RF radiation is dangerous to our health even though thousands of studies prove evidence to the contrary.

And finally, the fact that Bell Canada only answers to Industry Canada, who only relies on Health Canada as far as health is concerned, who looks to the World Health Organization, who relies only on ICNIRP to guide them, who are an industry-funded organization, leaves us with enormous challenges ahead.

Doesn’t this remind us of the fight against tobacco, and how long we took to realize that it wasn’t good for us?  Are we not addicted to our wireless technology?  Can we not see that big business is doing the same thing in sowing doubt on the health hazards of EMFs?

Here we have the added challenge that many of the telecommunications companies control the media.

Hopefully, Canadians will realize the dangers to their health sooner.

Hopefully, our government will stand up and take a leadership role.

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

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