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One example of the hundreds of letters sent to Bell (English)

Subject: Re: Tours/Towers Frelighsburg
From: Char Davies
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2014 19:26:59 -0800

To: “[email protected]

Monsieur Brassard,

In your latest communication, ‘Bonjour a tous’, you duly notified us that the time for “answering” our “questions” is drawing to a close.

Please accept my email as an adamant protest against this entire procedure.

I am well aware that my words will fall on deaf ears, due to your no doubt well-paid position as a subcontractor for Bell. Most likely you have no personal stake in the outcome of this process, compared to those of us who live in a rural environment increasingly aesthetically-despoiled and electromagnetically-fried by these huge towers.

We all know that Bell is a profit-driven corporation whose main interest is to serve its shareholders. If the executives at Bell had any respect for Canadian citizens, and sensitivity to the historic beauty of our rural landscapes, then a different path to providing service would have been chosen, namely that of DSL, as first mandated by the federal government. And we also know that, for the sake of profit, Bell appealed and won the right to install these towers, which have been proliferating like a visual cancer across the land.

The so-called democratic process that you are following according to gov’t requirements is an utter sham. We are not peasants. We see right through this, but I know that you couldn’t care less. Your emails make this clear.

There is no real democracy at play here. None whatsoever.

Charlotte Davies, PhD