Sample Letter

February 14th, 2014

Bell Mobility
c/o Robert Minotti
200 boul. Bouchard 5CS
Dorval, Québec H9S 5X5

SUBJECT: Proposed Bell Mobility 90 Meter Telecommunications Guyed Antenna (F1145-Chemin Mountain); Proposed Bell Mobility 76 Meter Telecommunications Self-Support Tower (F1143-Bolton Pass)

Dear Sir:

As a concerned citizen, I am opposed to the construction of the two telecommunication towers that Bell Mobility plans to build in East Bolton. The East Bolton Town Council voted unanimously against Bell’s proposal since it contravenes municipal bylaws regulating visual corridors and tower heights.

These towers are not necessary. Mobile phone coverage already exists in East-Bolton and high-speed Internet is available through other technologies. What is the purpose of these towers? Exactly who will benefit?

Over 2,000 studies by reputable scientists show that microwave radiation emanating from these towers can damage the cells, especially in children, alter our DNA, and prevent our bodies from producing melatonin (the hormone related to sleep). How are you addressing these concerns?

The two sites Bell proposes are close to homes. Is this responsible?

Have you considered the impact on the natural landscape and on tourism in the area?
These towers will ruin the night skies; kill off bees, butterflies, and birds; and reduce property values by 20-30%.

Residents of the Eastern Township have worked for centuries to preserve the natural environment, and I do not want to see our heritage destroyed now.

Yours truly,

Name: ______________________________

Address: ______________________________

cc: Mr. Steve Killeen, Spectrum Management Operations Branch, Spectrum, Information Technologies and Telecommunications Sector, Industry Canada; The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Industry; Mr.Pierre Jacob MP; Mr. Pierre Reid, MNA; Mrs.Chris Charlton, Official Opposition Industry Critic; Mrs. Joan Westland-Eby, Mayor, East Bolton