Important Update – July 11, 2014


Things are moving fast…. very fast.


COUNCIL MEETING – July 7, 2014

Thanks to those who came to the meeting of the East Bolton Town Council on Monday.  We were 22 citizens – so the room was quite full.


The bad news is that they voted FOR the tower in beautiful Bolton Pass not far from the Nature Reserve La Mine-aux-Pipistrelles that seeks to protect 5 species of bats some of which are vulnerable or threatened.


  • 4 councillors voted FOR the tower
  • 3 (including the mayor) were AGAINST the tower (attached is a text that was read by councillor Ginetter Breton to her fellow councillors just prior to the meeting.  She wanted it to figure in the proceedings for the record.)


The mayor said that they turned down Bell’s request to put up the tower on Mountain… but she cautioned us that there is no guarantee that Bell would simply leave.  We need to be on the lookout as they may be looking for another property owner to approach.


The citizens were not at all happy.


They expressed their frustration at this lack of democracy. 


Norman Roy of our group was an amazing spokesperson.  (We are very lucky to have him on our side.)


Indeed, how could they in good conscience vote FOR the tower when their citizens were overwhelmingly against it.


When asked what motivated them to vote against the wishes of the majority of the population that they represent, they acted insulted but did not provide any adequate answers (at least in our opinion). 


They said that they did it "in the public interest". 

One councillor said that she did it "for the wellbeing of the citizens".  It seemed that these councillors believed that they know better what is best for the citizens, like parents know better what is best for their children.




We learned that the Comité d’aménagement of the MRC of Memphrémagog recently received several requests for zoning changes to allow the building of cell towers in Austin, Potton and Stanstead.


The tower planned for Bolton Pass is also in a green zone and would require a zoning change.



If we don’t act quickly, these telecommunications giants will disfigure our beautiful Eastern Townships and turn our landscapes into industrial parks, not to mention the serious dangers they are causing to our health.


We have no intention of giving up.


At the local level:

The next step is to help the residents in Bolton Pass to stop that tower.

  • We are helping them to write to the CPTAQ to express their opposition to the zoning change.
  • We must all write to the media to tell them what is happening. The public will want to know as we believe that people are quite attached to the beauty of Bolton Pass.
  • We need to communicate with representatives of les Sentiers de l’Estrie, the Corridor Appalachien and the Nature Conservancy because this tower would be very close to the Réserve écologique de la Mine aux Pipistrelle and the wetlands of Bolton Pass, to ask them to communicate with the CPTAQ as well.
  • We should communicate with the residents and the municipality of West Bolton because it will affect their residents to ask them to communicate with the CPTAQ as well as with the Municipality of East Bolton.


At the Eastern Townships level:

We really need to get the Townships wide Coalition going.

  • We need the support of the NGOs, the citizens of the other municipalities and businesses – in tourism and others that understand that our landscapes and our quality of life are what make this region special, and must be protected.  Those who want to add their voice to our campaign can communicate with us at [email protected]  Help us to build this network.


At the national level:

Wednesday, Frank and April along with two residents from Bolton Pass went to Ottawa to tell Health Canada that we find their proposed revision of Safety Code 6 appalling.


We made a lot of contacts and learned a lot about the dangerous effects of electromagnetic radiation on our health.  We came back more convinced than ever that we have to act NOW !


The press conference was organized by "Canadiens for Safe Technology (C4ST)" in answer to Health Canada’s public consultation that will end on July 15.  If Safety Code 6 were revised to take into account the 2000 studies showing that there are serious biological effects at radiation levels much lower than those allowed by Health Canada, we would be automatically protected from the proliferation of cell towers near our residences.



§       Watch the press conference with Mr. Clegg (former CEO of Microsoft Canada) and Dr. Carpenter (Harvard Medical School graduate and Director of the University of Albany’s School of Public Health)


§       See the video of the Public’s input (BUTTON : 12:45pm – Public Input to Health Canada) (Frank is at 9:35; and April is at 36:15)


§       Read the Declaration entitled « Scientists Call for Protection from Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure » signed by 53 scientists from 17 different countries, including 7 Canadians, including 7 Canadian scientists, who publish studies on electromagnetic radiofrequency radiation.  They say that they are very concerned that the proposed revisions to the Safety Code 6 guideline are  inadequate to protect public health.


§       Read the Declaration entitled « Doctors Call for Protection from Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure » signed by 22 Canadian physicians


§       Canada Post removes Wi-Fi to provide barrier free access to their buildings to those suffering from Electrohypersensitivity



Thanks for your support


Patrimoine Bolton Heritage

Natural Heritage Committee


[email protected]

450-292-3456, ext. 223


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