Edna Pettipas needs help suing Bell Aliant

The Nova Scotia Lawsuit: Pettipas’ vs. Bell Aliant


Edna & Marshall Pettipas, of Afton, Nova Scotia, in 2011 launched a lawsuit against telecom giant Bell Aliant for loss and harm suffered due to radiation from a cell phone tower. This trial was originally set for April 20-May 1st, 2015. But, Bell Aliant filed a motion to have the trial postponed. As well, there was concern that a 2 week trial was not ample time to allot for all the Experts to testify. Since this time the Pettipas’ have also changed Lawyers. The Pettipas’ have retained a Lawyer (on contingency) in Halifax at a very reputable Law Firm. New court dates have not been assigned yet, due to the fact that Bell Aliant has stated they are seeking further Experts. Based on their Experts, the Pettipas’ Lawyer will determine if they should seek even further Experts. Once the number of Experts are verified, the amount of days in court can be determined and thus new court dates set.
Edna and her husband would like to thank all those who have generously donated to this cause. The money raised thus far has gone to securing experts, paying for their reports, etc. They already passed a major legal hurdle when the judge refused to throw the case out on a defense request for dismissal. Many similar cases have not survived this crucial test. Because the Pettipas’ have the best personal injury case against this industry that we have ever seen, the Cellular Phone Task Force undertook to raise funds for them.
This is classic David v. Goliath and the Pettipas family needs your help. To ensure their case moves forward the Pettipas’ must have confirmation and confidence through pledges that they will have the majority of funds needed to pay to bring highly qualified experts to trial by June 3oth, 2016. At this time, rather than ask for more donations now, the Pettipas’ are asking for pledges. They will call in their pledges only if they receive enough promised donations to see them through the trial. Donations will be funneled through our non-profit at that time for U.S. citizens who need tax deductions. Whether you can pledge $5.00 or $5,000, your generosity will be greatly appreciated. The Pettipas’ success could have precedent setting implications that will help every citizen of Canada, and in time, this case will have implications for other countries, as well. The greater public interest will be served as a result of the case heard around the world.
Edna and Marshall are up against a telecom giant with limitless resources. Some of the experts signing on have offered to reduce their fees, but still the costs are extraordinary.

Pledges can be sent via email: [email protected] Or postal mail to: Edna Pettipas, 484 Old Antigonish Road, Antigonish, NS B0H 1A0.
No one should save for a lifetime to finally build their dream home, move in on Christmas Eve, and have to move out, in the very early hours on Christmas Day. These are selfless people who are fighting a fight for all of us so that we and our children can live in a world where the Goliaths should not be allowed to lie about safety and rob us of our health and our dreams.

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