August 10, 2016 – 10 août 2016

Since Monday we have had people in Bolton Pass 24 hours per day protesting the erection of a dangerous cell tower.

On Monday, Bell showed up with a large flatbed with steel girders. We kept walking in front of the driveway to the site. Bell called the Provincial Police, who told us we were doing nothing illegal. We continued to walk, and Bell eventually left.

On Tuesday, Bell showed up with 3 trucks this time, two trucks with steel girders, and one truck IMG_2815full of microwave transmitters. The head of Real Estate for Québec was there, as well as the project manager for this tower. They threatened to call the police, which they did. Three police cruisers came by this time,. Once again they did not stop us because it was a peaceful protest. Four of our group were served papers from lBell lawyers threatening to get an injunction against us if we did not let the trucks pass. We stood our ground, and the trucks, the Bell people and the police left.

On Wednesday, all is quiet so far.


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